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Općina Dugopolje, founded in 1997, is comprised of Dugopolje, Koprivno, Kotlenice i Liska and it occupies an area of 63,5 km2 in which a little less than 4 thousand people reside. The municipality bases it's development on a system of infrastructure integrated economic zones. Currently, there are more than 90 facilities in these zones in which about 200 companies with more than 3 thousand employess operate. Along with the development of entrepreneurial zones, part of the strategic development of the municipality of Dugopolje, which is, in fact, one of the most developed municipalities in the Dalmatian hinterland, is the formation of a series of residential zones that are attractive to potential residents and which have transformed highly rural areas into modern urban environments. The purpose of the development of the local economy, which made it possible for sports, culture and tourism to develop as well, was to raise both the standard of living and quality of life for locals.
These economic zones in the municipality of Dugopolje (of which Podi-Dugopolje is the best known) represent a specially allocated space for various economic activities, respectively to accomodate a group of entrepreneurs/companies. The purpose for the establishment of these economic zones is to stimulate economic development and entrepreneurship, to create employment opportunities for the local population, to prevent the devastation of local land, to design a more widespread economy and its structured development and to provide commercial space and infrastructure for entrepreneurs.

The primary reasons why it pays to invest and open your business in the municipality of Dugopolje:

  • Ideal geographical location for commuting. The municipality of Dugopolje is located 15 km from Split, the main county center and the second largest Croatian city. The A1 motorway (freeway) exit is located in the minicipality. This freeway connects Zagreb, Croatia's capital and largest city, to southern Croatia. In addition to the motorway, a fast, modern road links Dugopolje to Solin and Split and specifically, to the main seaport, railway station and airport.
  • Organized infrastructure. All economic zones in Dugopolje are planned and designed in detail. Each commercial plot provides hook-ups for the basic utilities: water, telephone, electric and sewage. The existence of building plans significantly alleviate the time it takes to obtain building permits. All the parcels that fall within the economic zones are connected by landscaped roads and have lighting. Directional street signs also provide advertisements for the local businesses.
  • The attractiveness of the zones in Dugopolje. The large number of businesses and the wealth of amenities offered in the area attract a large number of guests, both regular shoppers and business people. Investing in one of these zones in Dugopolje means investing in a high traffic zone that is well-known in Croatia, as well as in a zone that generally has a good market position.
  • Excellent investor support. As an institution, the municipality of Dugopolje goes out of its way for those who choose to invest here. Officials will always be available to resolve certain administrative issues and to assist in communications between our investors and county and state bodies.

Investing in sport and tourism infrastructure

  • The municipality of Dugopolje is also open to investments in sport and tourism infrastructure. In the heart of the Podi economic zone, the municipality of Dugopolje built a football stadium in 2009, as Phase 1 of the ''Hrvatski vitezovi'' (Croatian Knights) Sports Center.  The stadium has a capacity of 5,200 seats and was built in accordance with all Croatian Football Federation and UEFA regulations. Licensed by HNS (CFF) and UEFA, Dugopolje became host of the UEFA European League international matches and the younger selections of the Croatian national team. As an addition to the sports center, a second auxiliary football field with artificial turf and complete lighting was built.  It also meets all HNS (CFF) regulations and allows matches to be played in the evening. Immediately after the stadium officially opened, the Municipality of Dugopolje, as the sole owner, established Podi Dugopolje doo, a company which, in addition to utilities, manages the football stadium and rents out the main and auxiliary football fields. In recent years, ''Hrvatski vitezovi'' Sports Center has hosted several international children's football tournaments. The stadium is otherwise home to the successful 2nd league team NK Dugopolje.
  • Phase 2 of the ''Hrvatski vitezovi'' Sports Center is still under being built and includes the construction of a 50 meter Olympic sized swimming pool, a 16 meter wading pool, an 8 meter children's pool, a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 1200 seats and several smaller in-door football fields with artificial turf. The multi-purpose hall can also be used for congresses, seminars, concerts and other events.
  • Also located in the municipality of Dugopolje are other attractive locations for construction in health tourism (unfinished private investor facilities), leisure and recreational tourism (undeveloped private construction land) and sports activities (Dugopolje municipality construction sites).
  • Public infrastructure for active tourism. The Municipality of Dugopolje, in cooperation with the local tourist board, has initiated projects for the  construction of walking, hiking and bicycle trails and their associated infrastructure. The ''Mali put'' (Small Trail) projekt was developed to modernize and widen the existing trail that sits at the foot of the Mosor Mountain and passes through Dugopolje's fields and to build the necessary accompanying facilities. Next to the „Mali Put“ trail, walking and hiking trails from the area known as Križani toward Ljubljan (1262 m n/m), the top of the Mosor Mountain, are also in the works. Currently, there are four bicycle rest stops with necessary facilities located in the following areas in the municipality: Lokva Dračanica (Dračanica Pond), Plitača (Dugopolje fields), Kutska strana (along the road between Dugopolje and Kotlenice), and the Vranjača Cave. In the summer of 2019, the Municipality of Dugopolje introduced a public bicycle system that enabled locals to rent either classic or electric bicycles from 2 different locations (Dr. Franje Tuđman Square and „Hrvatski vitezovi“ Sports Center). Most development projects are co-financed by the European Union, Split-Dalmatia County and Ministry of Tourism.



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