Kraljeva peć cave

Kraljeva Peć Cave – Hidden Pearl of Mount Mosor

While the southern slopes of Mount Mosor are well-known among hikers, its northern slopes, apart from the Vranjača cave, hide many other caves and springs, known mainly to local residents and members of the Ljubljan Croatian Hiking Club as well as to an ever-growing number of their friends who choose to travel there to see this beautiful mountain.

If you start your walk from the Balići-Džakići hamlet in Dugopolje, you will see that the hiking trail shows you the direction from the hamlet to the Kraljeva Peć cave. The cave, also marked in some hiking maps as the Balića Pećina, is only 10 minutes walk away from the hamlet, the trail climbing gently uphill.

The Kraljeva Peć cave is a unique natural phenomenon. With the entrance of about 40 metres in width and 20-30 metres in height, the cave descends to a depth of around 110 metres. Decoration is scarce, and the cave floor is partly covered by bushes and shrubs. Although paths inside the cave have not still been marked out, a large part of the Kraljeva Peć cave is accessible to all hikers by gently climbing down over the chamber’s edge.


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