Vranjača Cave

Vranjača Cave – Protected Geomorphological Natural Monument

The Vranjača Cave is situated in the heart of the Dalmatian hinterland, in the village of Kotlenice, a half hour drive away from Split and only 10 minutes drive away from Dugopolje. The cave is located at the foot of the central part of Mount Mosor, on its north-facing slopes, and consists of two parts.

The entrance, with no decoration, has been known to the locals since ancient times, whereas the other part was discovered in 1903 by the owner of a piece of land where the cave is located, Mr Stipe Punda. The Vranjača cave was opened to the public in 1929. A small natural passage leads from the entrance chamber to a chamber composed of 9 smaller parts full of cave decorations in all shapes, sizes and colours.

A specific feature of the cave is that its interior maintains a constant year-round temperature of about 15⁰C. Full of stalactites and stalagmites, pillars and arcades, Vranjača is one of the most beautiful pearls of the karst landscape, declared a protected geomorphological natural monument in 1963.

Not far away from the cave entrance is the starting point for hiking trails that lead to the peak called Vickov stup (1,325 m). The Punda family from Kotlenice manage the organisation of visits to the Vranjača cave and are responsible for all maintenance.


Geographic coordinates of the locality: 43.562181, 16.648491
Altitude: 452 m
Air temperature inside the cave: 15 ⁰C
Relative humidity: 68% (min.)
Stalagmite growth rate: 1 mm/35 yrs
Maximum depth: 107 m
Length of walking trails: 365 m
Visit duration: 60 mins

*  Visits all year round! Weather conditions don’t have a significant effect on the conditions inside the cave!


April and October – 10-18h
May and September – 9-19h
June, July and August – 9-20h
From November to March – only by appointment

Address: Vranjača Cave, Hrvatskih Velikana 16, 21204 Kotlenice

Mobile: +385 98 749 000 

+385 98 947 4149

E-mail: marko.punda55@gmail.com

Ticket Prices:  Adult – 8,00 €, Child – 4,00 € (only cash payment) 



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